52 Activities

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The original list of 52 things to do. Some are big, some are small, some are chores I need to get done! (13/52 completed)

  1. Babysit
  2. Buy art from 20×200
  3. Buy heeled boots
  4. Buy more fun socks
  5. Buy new black flats
  6. Buy new makeup
  7. Call brothers once a week for a month
  8. Drive the Lake Michigan Circle Tour
  9. Eat at Alinea
  10. Eat at Lime for brunch (Restaurant closed)
  11. Eat at the Girl and the Goat
  12. Follow baseball this season
  13. Food Committee senior year
  14. Get a curly hair haircut
  15. Get a part-time job (not internship)
  16. Get boots repaired
  17. Get new retainers
  18. Go to a summer music festival
  19. Go to the Chicago Skydeck
  20. Go to the Gay Pride Parade
  21. Have an eye exam
  22. Improve skills with Adobe Suite
  23. Kiss a man in uniform
  24. Knit something
  25. Learn a coding language
  26. Learn an instrument
  27. Learn Keynote
  28. Optimize iPhone organization/functionality
  29. Paint the Rock
  30. Participate in CommuniTyler event
  31. Play on an IM sports team
  32. Read 52 books
  33. Read the news every day for 2 weeks
  34. Redecorate my room
  35. Ride a tandem bike
  36. Salsa dancing
  37. See all Giants vs. Cubs games in Chicago
  38. See all Star Wars movies
  39. Send 20 letters 
  40. Shut off Facebook for 2 weeks
  41. Skydiving
  42. Spend no money for one week
  43. St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  44. Take 1 weekend trip per quarter 
  45. Take an art class
  46. Visit the Grand Canyon
  47. Volunteer in Spanish
  48. Vote in a presidential election
  49. Watch all of Mad Men
  50. Watch Gone With the Wind
  51. Win a game of Clue
  52. Wine tasting

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